May 10

A Life Changing Book

If you read A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson, I can guarantee that you’re going to be instantly smarter than 90% of the people you know. Maybe 95%, although I can’t guarantee that. I finished this book two weeks ago and am still in awe. Let me try to put in words […]

May 02

Changing My Perspective

To outward appearances I’m the same. Well bearded. Immaculately groomed. Muscular. Deep, dark tan. Something like that, anyway. The past seven months have really changed me a lot though, and I think for the better. It feels better, I know that much. There are two reasons for this that I can point to: Piracetam and […]

April 28

Working Hard vs Investment

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about ‘hard work’. Since I was shitting my diapers people have been telling me that hard work is all it takes to be successful. So, once I was able to not shit my diapers, I started trying to work hard. I didn’t know what it meant, really. So […]

April 24

Dealing with Reviews

Oh, the critic, how I love thee. This review showed up yesterday: This was British. It jumped back and forth from the character’s childhood to adult. I could never figure out where I was. This just wierd. So did this one: Dark, gruesome, and richly poetic.Tragically beautiful and horrific short story.A provocative portrayal of desperation, sacrifice, […]

April 16

Year to Date Results

So, as I mention quite often on here, I’m pretty much OCD about writing. I track nearly everything (even considering tracking the amount of words I write in emails, etc–undecided yet). Currently, I track time spent marketing, time spent writing, words written, as well as how many hours I have left to hit 10,000 hours of […]

April 14

A Seventeen Year Old Made Me Delete My Novel

I experienced the most surreal moment of my life this weekend. I was told that my book would be used for a book report in a high school class. I’ve had a lot of great compliments over the past year and a half, but nothing has really stunned me like this. I finished the first draft of […]

This is…

What 4 AM looks like…

April 10

What I’m Reading

Reading four books right now, all of them pretty good. 1. A Short History of Nearly Everyting by Bill Bryson–just excellent. Read it. I’m almost finished. 2. Cholesterol Clarity by Jimmy Moore–I have fairly awful cholesterol numbers according to the medical establishment. I don’t believe much that the medical establishment says about nutrition (realize that […]

April 07

Writer Stuff Not Interesting to Anyone Else

I really dig those mice. If the title didn’t scare you away, let’s continue. I’ve evolved a lot as a writer over the past seven years. In the beginning this was largely due to Bob Howard, who is an extremely talented writer, just can’t seem to put enough sentences together in ten years to constitute […]

April 02

Real Dedication

Every morning I wake up and visit some writer boards. There’s a lot of great information on there, and people far more successful/knowledgeable than me. Yesterday a question came up–what are your goals for this week? I read through everyone’s goals, then posted mine: Spend 7 hours marketing/reading on the market. Write 25,000 words this […]